Specialist Sheet Metal & Light Fabrication

Metal Cutting

Sheet Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Farringtons state of the art laser cutting allows us to cut sheet material accurately and fast. Offline programming & nesting reduces downtime to a minimum whilst our experienced programmers & operatives take great care and pride in the most challenging of projects. From a simple plate to a highly complex folding blank we do it all. We have capacity to cut all types of materials : mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium & brass.

Tube Laser Cutting

The introduction of tube laser cutting has revolutionised fabrication. A whole variety of profiles can be laser cut – from round tube & piping to square and rectangular hollow section and even angle. Offering high levels of accuracy and incorporating clever mechanical jointing the days of marking, sawing, de-burring and squaring up jobs are long gone. Holes can be cut into faces as part of the process meaning that labour intensive marking and drilling are unnecessary.

Waterjet Cutting

The huge advances in fibre lasers have impacted the use of waterjet cutting in our work. Nether the less we maintain links with excellent partners allowing us to source heavy billets.

Tube Saw

Whilst our saw facilities are not as busy as they once were due to the introduction of tube laser cutting there are still occasions on larger sections where this is required. We have retained our capacity to cut larger tubes, pipes & other sections in-house.

Laser Etching

Our in-house laser engraving machine is great for applying permanent markings to a variety of materials. We have a number of clients who take advantage of this facility for control panels, nameplates & marketing solutions. With its 1200x900mm work area we can jig up for large batches whilst retaining the versatility to cut small quantities, from extremely small parts to much larger parts. the machine is also capable of processing paper, card, fabrics, leather, plastics or wood !