Specialist Sheet Metal Work & Light Fabrication 0161 368 1675

Laser Cutting

We accept product information in many different formats. PC Files, samples, drawings or even hand sketches.
3 metre by 1.5 metre bed capable of cutting up to: 

CNC Folding

120 tonne, 7 axis, 3 metres in length folding up to 10mm stainless steel. 
Full tooling library.
Precision and repeatability excellence.

MIG, TIG & Stick, 
Specialist Welding of Brass,
Spot Welding & Capacity Discharge Welding

Powered Rollers
Metal Polishing and Glass bead blasting

Automatic Fastener Insertion
PEM studs, bushes, Avdels etc.

Turning and Milling.

Electro Plating and Anodizing
Powder Coating
Wet Spray and Stove Enamelling

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